Belleek Black Mark

The Belleek Black Marks are used to date the pieces as genuine Belleek items. There are three Black Marks. The first in Black Mark came in two sizes. Black was mainly used but other colors have surfaced and been documented. The first period is dated from 1863 to 1890. The mark contained an Irish Wolfhound, a round tower, two shamrocks and beneath the dog a banner saying Belleek.

The second Belleek Black Mark dates this pottery from 1891 to 1926. Only one thing was changed on the second Black Mark. They added a ribbon with CO FERMANAGH IRELAND. This was added because of the McKinley Tariff Act.

The third Belleek Black Mark dates the pottery from 1926 to 1946. One more change was again made. They added a circular stamp below the ribbon with the words DEANTA IN EIRINN (made in Ireland) and a registered trademark below the circle.

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