Belleek Porcelain Collectibles

Around 1849, Belleek Pottery Works Company was started. The company was originally located in Northern Ireland. Because of conditions left from the Potato Famine, early efforts produced mainly domestic ware. Among the Belleek Porcelain Collectibles are tableware, mortars, and pestles.

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Two members of the company always wanted to make porcelain items. Early trials of this failed until about 1863. Then they were only able to produce a small quantity of Parian. Their main product remained earthenware until 1920. They had established quite a market for this that included England, Ireland, the US, Canada, and Australia.

In 1872, they were able to enter the Dublin Exposition with some Parian china pieces that included: centerpieces, compotes, ice buckets, statutes, and busts. All the owners had died out in 1884. Local investors acquired the property and the name became Belleek Pottery Works Company Ltd. A master craftsman, Frederick Slater, came on board. He entered the Paris Exhibition in 1900 with a 28 inch International Centre Piece. This was awarded a Gold Medal and is today on display at Belleek Visitors Centre.

Belleek Pottery Works Company Ltd was able to hold on through World War I and II with their basic earthenware. They changed ownership again in 1983 due to the economy. Roger Troughton held the reins until 1988. In 1988, it was sold again to Powerscreen International, which lasted until 1990. It was then sold to an investment group, all of which were locals.

The investment group was able to revitalize Belleek Pottery Works Company Ltd. They have acquired a crystal company and a china company. Most recently though, they acquired Donegal Parian China, and finally a dream was made reality. This is just a little background to let you know how Belleek Pottery items came to be. They are valued quite highly.

History of Belleek Collectibles

Belleek Pottery Works Company has been around for a very long time. Originally, the company was located in Northern Ireland. However, after the Great Potato Famine, production was limited to basic domestic ware, mainly tableware, mortars, and pestles.

It was the vision of two members of the company that led to early efforts to make porcelain items. The effort failed early on. It was not until about 1863 that a small amount of Parian was produced. What kept the company in business until 1920 was their earthenware. The market for this product extended throughout Ireland and into England, the United States, Canada, and Australia.

Belleek Pottery Works Company entered their Parian china, statues, and bust into the Dublin Exposition in 1872. By 1884, investors were able to buy the property after the original owners had all died, and the name was changed to Belleek Pottery Works Company Ltd. Then in 1900, Frederick Slater, a master craftsman, entered the Paris Exhibition and was awarded a gold metal for a 28 inch international centre piece.

Demand for their basic earthenware is what kept Belleek Pottery Works Company Ltd afloat through both World War I and II. Then in 1983 the company’s ownership changed hands again. Roger Troughton was at the helm through some tough economic times, until he left in 1988 and the company was sold to Powerscreen International. It wasn’t until 1990 that the company again changed hands and was sold to a local investment group.

Since acquiring Belleek Pottery Works Company in 1990, the local investment group has branched out. In 1993 they acquired a crystal company, Galway Crystal. But it wasn’t until recently, however that a long ago dream has become a reality. The acquisition of Donegal Parian China in 1996, and Aynsley China in 1997 paved the way for the launch of The Belleek Living Line in 2003. Thus, Belleek Porcelain Collectibles has finally come to be.

Belleek Porcelain Collectibles – Quality Products, Then and Now

When John Caldwell inherited his father’s estate in 1849 and founded the Belleek Pottery Works Company, he had a vision to produce high quality, distinctive tableware, and as early as 1872 his dream was fulfilled. Later, Belleek became world famous, for its porcelain china, statuettes and figurines.

Today, Belleek Porcelain Collectibles are valued quite highly among collectors, and those who appreciate quality porcelain gifts and collectibles. Known for its traditional parian china pottery designs, Belleek Pottery has been serving customers for 150 years and is a leading manufacturer of giftware.

Operating close to 20 stores worldwide, some of Belleek Porcelain Collectibles impressive quality decorative porcelain products include: bowls, candlesticks, clocks, lamps, picture frames, platters, and vases. Many of Belleek’s Porcelain products feature shamrock patterns that are painted on by hand. These intricate patterns, such as the Shamrock Trellis, Nadine and Dalriada, make up the Belleek line of quality porcelain. There is also a line of porcelain that carries the Irish claddagh symbol, which signifies love.

Belleek Porcelain Collectibles – Shamrock Collection

Belleek Shamrock Dinner Plate – Beautiful lifelike shamrocks circling twisting vines adorn the Belleek Porcelain Shamrock dinner plate. This plate has a woven-texture embossment and has a natural shine and feel.

Belleek Shamrock Teapot – The handpainted design and delicate branch-like handle create a lovely centerpiece for any teatime table. This beautiful translucent piece is lightweight but very durable.

Belleek Kells Vase – This truly classical piece of Irish craftsmanship has been sculpted from fine china and features the same lifelike shamrocks and detailed woven design. This fluted shaped vase would look great on any coffee table or side table.

Belleek Shamrock Cup and Saucer Set – Continuing the intricate shamrock design and woven texture, this cup and saucer is a prime example of Belleek’s fine parian china. The look of fine white marble makes this collection prized by porcelain lovers all over the world.

These are just a few of the unique pieces that you will find in the Belleek Porcelain Shamrock Collection. Since its founding, Belleek has been highly regarded by porcelain aficionados worldwide. These uniquely lifelike pieces look and feel incredible. Perfection is what Belleek strives for, and perfection is what customers get when they purchase these pieces.

No other porcelain manufacturer can compare to Belleek’s ivory-hued luster, and no two of these finely crafted pieces are ever the same. When you purchase fine porcelain collectibles by Belleek, you know that you have the most perfect porcelain creation available.

Check out the full collection. With so many beautiful designs to choose from, you will quickly find the one that will become a keepsake for you and your family, as you will want to pass it down to future generations. Belleek Porcelain Collectibles will make a gorgeous addition to any home.